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    I'm Nicole. An entrepreneur, artist, teacher and creative guide dedicated to helping you become the artist you most want to be. If you've come here to learn mixed media art and unleash creative joy all over your life, you're in the right place!


    There's a lot to explore in my virtual universe. You'll find the deepest parts of me over on my blog. It's where I share all the creative crazy, thoughtful musings and open hearted giving I've been up to. I will soon be launching my e-courses so sign up for my newsletter to be the first to hear when they launch! If you're interested in purchasing art, shop here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me here. 

  • Videos & tutorials

    Want to learn how to do mixed media art for free? Check out these videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

    Black and White Rose Girl

    See how to use a palette knife to make black and white roses in an art journal page. Black and White painting challenge from Lifebook 2016.

    - Time Lapse

    B is for Butterfly

    See how to use one theme and limited color palette.
    Mixed Media Butterfly from 10x10x10 Course with

    Donna Downey.

    - Time Lapse

    Wildest Dreams

    See how to use napkins as collage elements. 

    - Time Lapse

    Brave Heart

    An explanation of a painting I did as a dedication to my little sister and all women who struggle with infertility.

    Beautifully Baroque

    Learn how to stamp on tissue paper in this mixed media tutorial of a painting done with Beautifully Baroque stamp set from Stampin Up.

    - Tutorial

    Dreamer of Dreams

    Learn how to change a blank wood plaque into a collaged work of art using stamps, paterned paper and paint.

    - Tutorial

  • Whole Hearted Art Blog

    This is where I share all the creative crazy I've been up to.

    July 26, 2016
    Well... I'm pushing myself to a whole new level for the month of August. I loved doing my 15 minute practice last month. Though I found it hard to stick to. So... I'm giving myself a bigger challenge with more at stake! I've wanted to do SSSVEDA with Amy Schmitthauer since April. But wasn't sure...
    Tell us about the beginnings of By Bun. My husband calls me Bun. So that's how that nick-name started. I needed somewhere to put my work on the internet. This was my first legit website that I was running. It started out as me publishing my work and rambling about my everyday and then it just...
    I was recently teaching a workshop and showed one of my students this tool. It is one of my absolute favorites! I learned about it from this artist. I'm sad that I hadn't learned of it sooner I love it so much! After she left the workshop she asked me for the recipe. You see you can't just load...
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  • About Nicole Bray

    Hello, I'm Nicole, a mixed media artist, painter and spirit junkie, who loves making mixed media art. My work can be described as “mixed media gypsy art”. I am an authentic spirit who thrives on cultivating a creative life. For me, the act of creating art is healing, inspiring and energizing. When I'm in my studio I am in touch with the deepest parts of my authentic self. I can often be seen chair dancing when I really get into a piece! I've been a Paint Nite teacher and find the greatest joy when teaching others to unleash their creative spirit into the world. With a recent move from Canada to the US there are so many creative inklings that I can't wait to tap into.


    This is how I arrived here… Art was my best subject in high school and my absolute favorite class. The teacher wanted to give me one hundred percent, but he said no one is perfect and the school doesn't allow teachers to give one hundred as a final grade, so I got ninety nine. That gave me great confidence that I was actually good at something! I knew I didn't want to be a 'starving artist', though I had dreams of moving to New York and living in Soho. At eighteen years old after seeing the movie Toy Story I decided graphic design would be the next best thing. I could create all day and get paid well to do it! It seemed the best of both worlds. So after high school graduation I set out on my own and moved to another city to study graphic design. After a 10 month course I moved back home and landed my first design job. I was all grown up now and loving what I was doing.


    As my design career morphed into marketing and communications, I always found time to sketch, art journal, make greeting cards, scrapbooks and home decor. I loved the challenge of making hand made gifts for friends and family. I would create a piece for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and happily give it away. Giving away my creative gift always brought me the greatest joy.


    Along this journey I was guided by wonderful teachers like; Suzy Blu, Tamara Laporte, Kelly Rae Roberts, Flora Bowley, Donna Downey, Jane Davenport and more. Their generous gifts of online video tutorials helped me unleash a whole different part of my art. They taught me how to be brave, honest, playful and authentic. As I spent time in my studio creating under their guidance I could no longer ignore the whispers of my soul. I wanted to be a working artist and I wanted to help others tap into their creative talents so they can turn the worries of the world off, dive into paint, glue, paper and unleash the blissful joy that comes from creating something with their own hands.


    Fast forward fifteen years and we arrive at this website, this blog, and these tutorials. It is the place where I am my most joyful, most at peace and most driven to cultivate a creative life. I hope each time you come here, you feel energized and motivated to illuminate your awesomeness. ~ Nicole


    I LOVE hearing from fellow artists! Seeing a picture of what inspired you today, your latest painting, or hearing about why you are a creative spirit always brightens my day. I'd love to hear from you, so feel free send me an email.

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